Bitter-Sweet Angel
one direction golden moments
  • zayn:we were in malabami
  • liam:portugal? they speak spanish there right?
  • niall:today was a busy week for us
  • zayn:connecticut! my town!
  • harry:i was wearing new jeans today and have just realized i went the whole day with the sticker on my leg..
  • niall (on his pet hates):rabbits. they are pointless. do nothing
  • zayn:avocados are my new favorite vegetable!
  • louis:do you mean the full breast or just the nipple?
  • liam:where is venezuela on the map?
  • harry:*tweets his own instagram*

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I was going though my “Likes” looking a that vine where the lil white kid was like “420 blaze it… just kidding it just my MACARONI AND CHESSEEEE” I NEED to have that on my blog tomorrow.

You probably seen a lot of old shit on your dash right now cause since I was scrolling though my likes. I just reblogged a lot of old stuff, matters well.

So If I just reblogged something from you that is hella old, this is why

But I will find that vine

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Brad Pitt photographed by Steven Klein for Interview, November 2012

This gets better and better with time.